Embrace an active lifestyle with us to enjoy more freedom in old age and live a healthier lifestyle. 

About Us

I'm Matthew Reese and at The Classic Routine where I work as a personal trainer, we have exercises for people of all ages from all walks of life. You not only maintain a healthy lifestyle while you exercise your muscles in our gym, but you also meet new friends who are health-minded like you and will motivate you which will improve your overall health. 

More freedom

exercising your muscle means more freedom   

Saves You Money

you prevent health issues thus lower health care costs in old age   

Overall Health

you improve your overall health by increasing your activity level   


How to Deal With Shin Splints

Shin splints are one of the most nagging of injuries that a runner can sustain. If you’ve experienced such pain, you’...

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What People Say

I don't know how The Classic Routine plans who should be training at what time but I found it to be amazing. I have been motivated since I signed up with them meeting up with health-minded individuals and personal trainers who are always dedicated. This has increased my activity level and I know it's for the benefits of not only my muscles, but overall health. 

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