How to Deal With Shin Splints


Shin splints are one of the most nagging of injuries that a runner can sustain. If you’ve experienced such pain, you’ll agree that the pain is second to none in the long list of possible injuries a runner can get hold of. And the numbers are high for this type of injury too. With a whopping 20% of runners plagued by this injury, it’s no surprise that specialists are always looking out for new ways to help us deal with shin splints. But while they’re still developing their hypotheses, check out these ways to help you deal with the injury.

Say you overdid it while training and now your lower legs feel like they are on fire. How do you cope? 

Get medical advice
The first and most important thing you need to do is to seek professional help (from a doctor or physical therapist) first. Your injury might have escalated from muscle-related injury to a bone-related one so go ask for help.

Of course you’d need to lay off the training for a few days or even weeks too to help your muscles recover. In the event of bone splints, then you’d have to lay off those running shoes for longer. 

Make sure your shoes fit your properly
The injury might have been caused by the wrong fit—so make sure your kicks still fit you like a glove to prevent further injuries. You might want to invest on those new technology shock-absorbing insoles too so you can avoid shin splints. 

Lose a couple of pounds
Not to say that you’re fat or anything but you might want to lay off on those extra serving of mom’s pie. Losing a couple of pounds will help relieve pressure pain on the affected area as you move.